BRMS demands to merge 50% DA and Grant Rs.7000 as Interim Relief

BRMS demands to merge 50% DA and Grant Rs.7000 as Interim Relief

Merger of 50%DA allowances into Basic Pay.
5th CPC has recommended that whenever the dear allowances exceeds 50% , it should be merged in the basic pay. While 6th CPC had also observed that a portion (25%) of DA should be merged whenever it exceeds of 50% for certain part of the pay packet.

BRMS has been demanding that it should be automatic as and when dearness allowance crosses 50% mark and it should be merged with the basic pay as there is no pay revision after 4 or 5 years as in the case of public sector/financial sector employees. It is stated that NDA Government had already merged the 50% DA of serving and retired employees for all purposes when it cross 50%.

Grant of Rs. 7000.00 as interim relief.
Government of India totally failed to take effective measures to arrest the spiraling price rise and contained inflation. Dearness allowance which is paid to neutralize the inflation is not sufficient and employees are facing hardship. Their is delay to announce the recommendation of 7th CPC.

BRMS demand that Government should announce atleast Rs. 7000.00 as interim relief to meetout the arrogant expenses due to inflation.

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