Web-based ‘Pensioners’ Portal’ – National e-Govemance Plan (NeGP) – Release of Grant-in Aid to Pensioners’ Associations for implementation of the objectives of the Portal

F. No. 55/12/2016-P&PW(C)
Government of India
Ministry of Personnel, P.G. and Pensions
Department of Pension & Pensioners’ Welfare

The Pay & Accounts Officer,
Department of Pension & Pensioners’ Welfare,
Lok Nayak Bhavan, Khan Market,
New Delhi.

3rd Floor, Lok Nayak Bhavan,
Khan Market, New Delhi-110003

Dated: 09thSeptember, 2016

Subject: Web-based ‘Pensioners’ Portal’, a Mission Mode Project under the National e-Govemance Plan (NeGP) – Release of Grant-in Aid to Pensioners’ Associations for implementation of the objectives of the Portal.

I am directed to convey the sanction of the President of India to the release of a sum of Rs.20,74,726/-(Rupees twenty lac seventy four thousand seven hundred and twenty six only) towards Grant-in-Aid in favour of the following Pensioners Associations for meeting expenditure in connection with the implementation of ‘Pensioners’ Portal’ as per the details given below:


Name of Association/Organization Max amount of grant-in-aid admissible as per scheme Deduction (inadmissble) on account of unspent balance and SB Interest lying with PA as on 1.4.16 & to be carry forward to 2016-17 Actual Amount of Grant-in-aid to be released (Co. 3-4) during 2016-17 Total amount with Pensioners Asson. For 2016-2017
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.
1 Accountant General Offices Pensioner Association, Hyderabad 


75000 (4245+2579)= 6824 68176 75000
2 Association  of Retired  Officers  of  Indian   Audit   &  Accounts   Dept  Chandigarh 


75000 (89+376) =465 74535 75000
3 Indian   Ex-Service   League,   New Delhi 


75000 7494 (current account no interest) 67506 75,000
4 Retired  Railway  employee  Asso., 

Jagadhri ,Haryana

75000 ( 19966+ I025)=20991 54009 75000 


5 Central    Government    Pensioners    Welfare                   Asso., Jammu 75000 (NA+1440)   =1440 73560 75000/-
6* Jharkhand      Pensioners      Kalyan  Samaj, Ranchi                       (reimbursemt amount for the Financial year 2015-16 and advance amount for 2016-2017) 


75000 (22688+2160) =24848 

(as on 1.4.15 and to be carry forward to   2015-16


(reimbursement     amount  for  2015-2016)



  75000 (NA+631)=631 74369(2016-17) 75000 (2016-17)
7 Central Government Pensioners Association,Kerala Thrissur 75000 (NA+1025) =1025 73975 75000
8 Pstal Accounts and Audit Pensioners Association,Nagpur 75000 (22043+851)=22894 52106 75000
9 Central Gvoernment Pensioner Asson., Bhubaneswar 75000 (19182+1002)=20184 54816 75000
10 Central Gvoernment Pensioner Asson.,  Jaipur 75000 (NA+918)=918 74082 75000
11 All India Organization of Pensioner, Kanpur 75000 (6993+631)=7624 67376 75000
12 All India Organization of Pensioner, Lucknow 75000 (50836+5642)=56478 18522 75000
13 Uttarpara Central Government Pensioners Asso., Hooghly 75000 (4643+1851)=6496 68506 75000
14 All India Central Government Pensioners Asso., Cuttack 75000 (3000+867)=3867 71133 75000
15 Karnataka Posts & Telecommunication Pensioners Assos., Bangalore 75000 (NA+379)379 74621 75000
16 All India Central Government Pensioners Asso.,Pune 75000 (4374+412)=4786 70214 75000
17 All India Federation of Pensioners Asso., Chennai 75000 (NA+761)=761 74239 75000
18 Bharat Pensioner Samaj, New Delhi 75000 Current Account 

No Interest

75000 75000
19 NF Railway Pensioners Association, Guwahati 75000 (1875+1863)=3738 71262 75000
20 Karnataka Central Government Pensioners Assos., Bangalore 75000 (NA+452)=452 74548 75000
21 Atomic Energy Retired Welfare Asson., Mumbai 75000 (NA+1592)=1592 73408 75000
22 Central Govt. Pensioners Welfare Association,Ambarnath 75000 (10436+2187)=12623 62377 75000
23 Baroda Central Pensioner’s Association,Vadodara 75000 (4217+864)=5081 69919 75000
24 DOS Retired Employees Association,Nagarcoil 75000 20056 

Current account no Interest

54944 75000
25 Karaikal Retired Government Officers Asson, Karikal 75000 (33677+4071)=37748 37252 75000
26 Tamilnadu Ex-services League, Madurai 75000 (19164+537)=19701 55299 75000
27 Railway Senior Citizens Welfare Society, Chandigarh 75000 (598+1187)=1785 73215 75000
28 MES Civilian Retired WelafareAssociation, Lucknow 75000 (16400+1880)18280 56720 75000
29 Diabled War Veterans’ (India) Regd., Gurgaon 75000 (636+1025)=1661 73339 75000
30 Defence Pensioners Welfare Association, Allahabad 75000 (53549+1899)=55448 19552 75000
31 Ex-Defence Employees Welfare Association, Disstt-Balasore, Odisha 75000 14151 

Current account no Interest

60849 75000
32 Forum for Excellence Former Mes Officers N.Delhi 75000 (17769+2086)=19855 55145 75000
  Total   400274 2074726 2475000

2. Utilization Certificates in respect of earlier grants sanctioned to above Pensioners Associations are enclosed.

3. Details of Recurring Grant for admissible Activities:
The maximum permissible amount on the individual component eligible for sanction / reimbursement in the form of Grant-in-Aid is as follows with flexibility of25% on higher/lower side of individual component:

(i) Telephone   + Internet  Connection Up to Rs.  12,000  per annum 


(ii) Stationery+   Battery  replacement Up to Rs.  19,500  per annum
(iii) Subsidy  towards   Rent  of Building/ Water/electricity/   AMC  of equipment Up to Rs. 28,500  per annum
(iv) Remuneration    Payable to Data  entry  (Part  time) Up to Rs. 15,000 per Operator  per annum
  Total Up  to Rs. 75,000  per  annum 


4. Any other expenditure by the Pensioners’ Association on any activity/component other than those mentioned above will not admissible from the Grant-in-Aid and will be treated as an unspent amount, to be recoverable or adjusted from the future grant as the case may. In case the actual expenditure during the year on individual components is less than the permissible amount on individual components, the difference of Grant-in-Aid and the actual expenditure will be treated as unspent and will be adjusted in the next year’s grant.

5. Further, the above Grant-in-Aid is subject to maintaining a separate Bank Account for the Grant-in-aid under Pensioners’ Portal. The Grantee shall also furnish a Utilization Certificate (in the prescribed proforma) for the grant received and utilized during the year 2016-17 within six months of the close of the financial year 2015-16 i.e. upto 31st August, 2017. Failure to do so will make the Grantee Pensioner Association liable for refund of entire Grant-in-Aid amount along with the interest.

6. The Pensioners’ Associations are required to submit a consolidated performance-cum-Achievement report immediately after utilization of this grant. The Associations are also required to prepare their Annual work Plan for the current and next financial year before they could become eligible for Grant of any further Grant-in-Aid for the next financial year.

7. The grant is further subject to the terms and conditions as indicated in the Annexure.

8. The Drawing & Disbursing Officer of the Department of Pension & Pensioners’ Welfare is authorized to draw the amount as mentioned in Col 5 of Table given in para I above for disbursement to the Grantee Pensioners’ Associations for transferring the amount to the Bank Accounts of respective Pensioners’ Associations.

9. The expenditure involved is debitable to Major Head “2070”- Other Administrative Services 00.800. Other Expenditure, ( Minor Head); 43-Plan Scheme of Department of Pensions and Pensioner Welfare, 43.01-Pensioners Portal; 43.01.31- Grants-in-Aid-General under Demand No. -64Ministry of Personnel, Pulic Grievances & Pensions for the year 2016-17.

10. The accounts of the above Pensioners’ Associations shall be open to inspection by the sanctioning authority and the audit, both by the Comptroller and Auditor -General of the India under the provision of CAG (DPC) Act, 1971 and internal audit by the Principal Accounts Officer of the Department of Pension & Pensioners’ Welfare, whenever the organization is called upon to do so.

11. This sanction issues under financial powers delegated to the Ministries/ Departments of the Government of India with the concurrence of Integrated Finance Division vide Diary No. Dir (F/P) /P 4240 dated 07.09.2016.

12. The expenditure of Rs. 20,74,726/-(Rupees twenty lac seventy four thousand seven hundred and twenty six only) has been noted in the grant-ill-aid register for the year 2016-17 .

Yours Faithfully,

Under Secretary to the Govt. of India
Tele. No. 24644631

Deputation of Central Government servants to posts in Central Autonomous Bodies – Review of Policy

Deputation of Central Government servants to posts in Central Autonomous Bodies – Review of Policy.

F.No.4/78/2006-P&PW (D)
Government of India
Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions
(Department of Pension & Pensioners’ Welfare)

3rd Floor, Lok Nayak Bhawan
New Delhi-110 003.
Dated the 12th October, 2015


Subject: Deputation of Central Government servants to posts in Central Autonomous Bodies – Review of Policy

The undersigned is, directed to say that in accordance with the instructions contained in this Department of OM of even number dated 31.10.2007, appointment of Central Government employees in Central Autonomous Bodies can be made on immediate absorption basis only. Appointment of Central Government servants on deputation to the posts in the Central Autonomous Bodies can be made only after obtaining exemption from Rule of Immediate Absorption in respect of those posts from Department of Pension & Pensioners’ Welfare.

2. Keeping in view the difficulties being faced by Autonomous Bodies in filling up the posts due to the application of Rule of Immediate Absorption, the matter has been reviewed in consultation with Department of Personnel & Training and Department of Expenditure. In partial modification of the instructions contained in this Department’s OM dated 31.10.2007, it has been decided to allow appointment of Central Government employees to posts in Central Autonomous Bodies on deputation basis without seeking exemption from Rule of Immediate Absorption, if the Recruitment Rules for the posts speclfically provide for the appointment of Central Government employee on deputation. This relaxation will be subject to the following conditions:

i. The general principle of public interest shall be overriding factor in providing deputation as a method of recruitment. The general criteria for providing deputation as a method of recruitment would be non-availability of suitable persons for joining a post on regular basis from within or outside the organization. In other words deputation as a method of recruitment would be provided only if there are not enough posts in the feeder grade for appointment by promotion or if the candidates from Central Government are not likely to join the Autonomous Body on immediate absorption basis.

ii. Deputation as a method of recruitment may generally be provided in respect of the following categories of posts in the Autonomous Bodies.

a) Posts requiring specialized personnel in connection with scientific research or development of technology.

b) Posts in executive or senior management level i.e. post carrying a Grade pay of not less than Rs.7600/- in Central Autonomous Body having very close inter-action with policies and programmes of the Government.

c) Posts where the nature of the work requires employment of Government officers for security reasons or vigilance purposes.

d) Posts in newly established/temporary organizations ( upto a period of 5 years from the date of establishment).

e) Posts limited in number particularly in specialized fields where creation of a regular cadre is not feasible.

f) The number of posts to be exempted may be decided in each CAB on a case to case basis.

iii. The recruitment rules for a post in an Autonomous Body, which provide for deputation from Central Government employees, must have the approval of the Competent Authority in the Administrative Ministry /Department.

iv. In case the recruitment rules for a post in the Autonomous Body have not been notified or recruitment rules do not provide for deputation as a method of recruitment, then the existing instructions regarding seeking exemption from the rule of immediate absorption would continue to apply.

v. The recruitment rules must specify the maximum number/percentage of posts in a particular grade that can be filled on deputation. Appointment on deputation beyond the number specified in the Recruitment Rules would not be made by the autonomous body.

vi. In case it is proposed to make recruitment by deputation of Government employees in excess of the deputation quota provided in the recruitment
rules, specific approval of Administrative Ministry for making such recruitment by deputation would be obtained. If such a relaxation is approved by the Administrative Ministry, no further exemption from rule of immediate absorption would be required.

vii. There should be an entry in recruitment rules to the effect that the exemption from rule of immediate absorption is not required for appointment on deputation.

3. The above appointments would be treated as appointment on non-Central Staffing Scheme (non-CSS) posts. Thus, the ceiling on deputation period relating to CSS plus non-CSS will apply on such appointments.

4. All other provisions in the OM dated 31.10.2007, which have not been specifically modified in this O.M., would continue to be applicable.

5. The instructions regarding other clearances, including cadre clearance, required for appointment on deputation of Government employees to autonomous bodies would continue to be applicable.

6. All administrative Ministries/Departments are requested to take note of the above decisions and also to bring the same to the notice of the Autonomous bodies under their administrative control for strict compliance by all concerned.

7. This issues with the approval of competent authority.

8. Hindi version will follow.

(Harjit Singh)
Dy. Secretary to the Government of India

Issue of Identity Cards to Central Government pensioners – Pensioners Portal Orders on 12.8.2015

Issue of Identity Cards to Central Government pensioners – Pensioners Portal Orders on 12.8.2015

Issue of Pensioners Identity Card to pensioners

G.I., Dept. of P & PW, O.M.No. 41/21/2000-P&PW(D), dated 12-8-2015

Subject : Issue of Pensioners’ Identity Card to pensioners.

The undersigned is directed to say that the instructions were issued by this Department vide O.M. No.41/21/2000-P&PW(D) dated 16/11/2000 for issue of Identity Cards to Central Government pensioners. These instructions were reiterated/clarified vide this Department’s OMs of even number dated 30.4.2013 and 25.7.2013. It has been observed that various Departments/Offices are either not issuing pensioners Identity Card to the retired employees or the Identity Cards are not in the format prescribed vide this Department’s OM dated 25.7.2013.

2. The matter has been reviewed in this Department. It has been decided that apart from the details already prescribed, the Pensioners Identity Card should include the Aadhaar Number of the pensioner (if available). Accordingly, a revised format for the pensioners Identity Card is enclosed (Annexure-I and Annexure-11).

3. Further, the following specifications are laid down for the pensioners Identity Card to be issued by the Departments/Offices from which the pensioner retired:

(i) The Pensioners Identity card should be in the prescribed format.

(ii) The Identity Card should be of the standard size of 8.5 cm x 5.5 cm.

(iii) The Pensioners Identity Card should be printed (and not hand written) on good quality paper of 125 GSM or equivalent.

(iv) The Identity Card would be got laminated by the Department/Office before handing it over to the pensioner.

4. All Departments in the Government of India are requested to issue suitable instructions to the Offices under their control to invariably issue Identity Card to the pensioners in accordance with the instructions issued by this Department.