Latest List of ECHS Hospitals and Nursing Homes

Latest List of ECHS Hospitals and Nursing Homes

Empanelment of Hospitals/Nursing homes and Diagnostic Laboratories for ECHS

Central Organisation, ECHS
Adjutant General’s Branch
Integrated Headquarters
Ministry of Defence (Army)
Maude Lines
Delhi Cantt- 110 010


11 Nov 2016

IHQ of MoD (Navy)/Dir ECHS (N)
HQ Southern Command (A/ECHS)
HQ Eastern Command (A/ECHS)
HQ Western Command (A/ECHS)
HQ Central Command (A/ECHS)
HQ Northern Command (A/ECHS)
HQ South Western Command (a/ECHS)
HQ Andaman & Nicobar Command (A/ECHS)
All Regional Centre ECHS


Refer Govt of India, Min of Def letter No 22B(01)/2011-WE/D(Res)Part-II dated 10 Nov 2016 (Copy enclosed and soft copy is also uploaded in ECHS website on www.
Regional centres will initiate action to complete the formalities required for empanelling hospitals approved for empanelment vide letter under reference. A Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) will be signed with each of the Hospital by the Director, Regional Centre ECHS concerned. The MoA will be made on Rs.100/- (Rupees one hundred only) non judicial stamp paper and will be valid for two years from the date of signing of the agreement. The payment for the stamp paper will be made by the empanelled facility. The following documents will be attached to MoA as Annexures:-

(a) Health facilities for which recognised. (copy of Annexure of Govt letter pertaining to hospitals).

(b) Negotiated Rates (Only one rate per code No. as applicable to the medical facility will be mentioned and negotiated rated would be lower than CGHS rates & indicated by asterix.)

Rates applicable will be as per prevalent CGHS rates/negotiated rates whichever is lower.

Disposal of Application Forms and MoA

Application forms in respect of the Hospitals approved for empanelment by the Empowered Committee of MoD will be returned by the Central Organisation, ECHS to the Regional Centres concerned from where they originated.
The application forms will be stored in safe custody of Regional Centres. The application form will NOT be destroyed for two years after termination of the period of validity of the MoA.
The original and duplicate copies of MoA will be retained by the Regional centres and the empanelled facility respectively. Additional photocopies of MoA alongwith Annexures including rates will be forwarded/distributed as under:-

(a) Central Organisation ECHS.
(b) Concerned Area/Sub Area/Independent Sub Area.
(c) Concerned SEMOs.
(d) Concerned Polyclinics.
(e) Concerned CDAs.


Formal referrals to empanelled facilities as per laid down procedures can commence after signing of the MoA.

(p Srinivas)
Jt Dir (Med)
For MD


No.22B()1)/2011-WE/D(Res) Part II
Government of India
Ministry of Defence
Dept of Ex-Servicemen Welfare

New Delhi, the 10th November, 2016



The Managing Director
Central Organisation, ECHS
Maude Line, Delhi Cantt


1.I am directed to state that in terms of the provisions of Govt of India, Ministry of Defence letter No.22B(04)/2010/US(WE)D(Res) dated 18 Feb 2011 and No.22B(02)/2013/US(WE)D(Res) dated 18 Oct 2013, it has now been decided by the Government, on the basis of recommendations given by the 9th Screening Committee to empanel 217 Private Hospitals/Nursing Homes and Diagnostic Laboratories for different specialities and procedures, as mentioned below, subject to the condition that these hospitals sign the requisite MoA with ECHS:-

Ser City Name of Hospitals (Link Provided) Annexure No.
1 Agartala ILS Hospital 1
2 Agra Naiminath Super Speciality Hospital 2
3 Allahabad Prachi Hospital Pvt Ltd 3
4 Allahabad Asha Hospital 4
5 Allahabad Vineeta Hospital Pvt Ltd 5
6 Ambala City Healing touch Super Speciality Hospital 6
7 Amritsar Dr. Karam Singh Memorial Orthopaedic & Multispecialty Hospital and Research Centre 7
8 Amritsar Hartej Hospital 8
9 Amritsar Jeevan jot Hospital 9
10 Amritsar Arora Hospital 10
11 Amritsar Mahajan Hospital (A Multi- speciality Centre) 11
12 Amritsar Nirmaljot Eye Hospital 12
13 Amritsar Shoor Multispecialty Hospital 13
14 Amritsar Surjit Hospital 14
15 Amritsar Sri Guru Ram Das Charitable Hospital 15
16 Amritsar Chikitsa Hospital 16
17 Amritsar Parkash Hospital 17
18 Amritsar Medcard Multispecialty Hospital 18
19 Anantpur Saveera Hospital Pvt Ltd 19
20 Bangalore Mallya Hospital 20
21 Bangalore Narayana Multispecialty Hospital (A unit of Narayana Hrudayalaya Pvt Ltd) 21
22 Bangalore Sankara Eye Hospital 22
23 Bangalore ChanRe Diagnostic Laboratory 23
24 Bangalore Dr. Agarwal Eye Institute 24
25 Bareilly Mohan Eye Institute 25
26 Batala Sandhu Hospital Multispecialty and Trauma Centre 26
27 Bathinda Max Super Speciality Hospital, (Unit of Home trail Buildtech Pvt. Ltd) 27
28 Bathinda Nagpal Superspecialiity Hospital 28
29 Bengaluru Aarthi Scan Private Limited 29
30 Bhatinda Gupta Hospital 30
31 Bhimavaram Jnanananda Ophthalmic Institute 31
32 Bhopal Manoria Heart and Critical Care Hospital 32
33 Bhubaneshwar Pradyumna Bal Memorial Hospital (Kalinga Institute of Medical Sciences) 33
34 Bikaner ASG Eye Hospital 34
35 Bulandshasr Shanti Deep Hospital (Heart and lung Institute) 35
36 Bulandshasr Global Hospital 36
37 Buxar Divyalok Chiktsa Kendra 37
38 Chennai Sankar Eye Hospital 38
39 Coimbatore Orbito Asia Healthcare and Diagnostics 39
40 Daryaganj, Delhi Sanjeevan Medical Research Centre Pvt Ltd 40
41 Dasuya Ruchi Eye Hospital 41
42 Dehradun Synergy Institute of Medical Sciences 42
43 Dehradun Bharat Heart Institute 43
44 Delhi Dr. Anand’s Imaging & Neurological Research Centre 44
45 Delhi Divya Prastha Hospital 45
46 Delhi Shakuntala Nursing Home and Hospital 46
47 Delhi Eye 7 Chaudhary Eye Centre 47
48 Delhi Savitiri Hospital 48
49 Delhi Gupta Hospital 49
50 Dhule Jawahar Medical Foundation 50
51 Durgapur IQ City Narayana Multispecialty Hospital 51
52 Erode Lotus Hospital & Research Centre Ltd 52
53 Faridabad Medicheck Hospital 53
54 Faridkot Madhu Nursing Home 54
55 Ghaziabad Atlanta Mediworld Multispecialty Hospital 55
56 Ghaziabad Manav Hospital ( A Unit of Four Sessons Foundation) 56
57 Ghaziabad Arogya Hospital 57
58 Greater Mohali Kamboj Multispecialty Hospital 58
59 Greater Noida Kailash Hospital Ltd 59
60 Greater Noida Amrapali Hospital 60
61 Greeter Noida Max Multi Speciality Hospital (A Unit of Four Sessons Foundation) 61
62 Gurgaon Mayom Hospital 62
63 Gurgaon Muskaan Dentals 63
64 Gurgaon New Delhi Centre for Sight Ltd 64
65 Gurgaon Eye Q Vision Private Limited 65
66 Gurgaon Vatika Medicare Pvt Ltd 66
67 Gurgaon Ahooja Eye and Dental Institute 67
68 Gurgaon Dental Life/Forsan Healthcare Pvt Ltd 68
69 Guwahati Narayana Superspeciality Hospital 69
70 Guwahati ASG Eye Hospital 70
71 Gwalior Global Specialty Hospital 71
72 Gwailor Boston Hospital and Research Institute 72
73 Gwailor Shitla Sahai Institute of Research Institute 73
74 Haldwani Central Hospital (Unit of SSGR Hospital & Research Centre Pvt Ltd) 74
75 Hisar VK Neurocare & Trauma Research Hospital, (A Unit of VK Healthcare and medical Institute) 75
76 Hisar Manglam Diagnostics 76
77 Hisar Aadhar Health Institute 77
78 Hisar Navjeevan Multuspeciality Hospital ( A Unit of Ashirward healthcare Pvt Ltd) 78
79 Hoshiarpur Bariana Eye Hospital & Lasik Laser Centre 79
80 Hoshiarpur Thind Eye Hospital 80
81 Hyderabad Usha Mullapudi Cardiac Centre 81
82 Hyderabad Star Hospitals (A Unit of Unimed Healthcare Pvt Ltd) 82
83 Hyderabad Basavatarakam Indo American Cancer Hospital and Research Institute 83
84 Hyderabad Maxcure Hospital (A Unit of Sahrudaya Health Care Pvt Ltd) 84
85 Hyderabad Omega Hospitals (A Unit of Hyderabad Institute of Oncology) 85
86 Hyderabad Arvind Eye Hospital Private Limited 86
87 Hyderabad Swarup Eye Centre (A Unit of Swarup Hspitals Pvt Ltd) 87
88 Indore Central Lab-Oncquest Laboratories Ltd 88
89 Indore Apollo Rajshree Hospitals 89
90 Jaipur Bhandari Hospital & Research Centre 90
91 Jaipur Kapoor Hospital 91
92 Jalandhar Patel Hospital Pvt Ltd 92
93 Jalandhar Satyam Hospital & Trauma Centre 93
94 Jalandhar Oxford hospital Pvt Ltd 94
95 Jalandhar Sharanjit Hospital 95
96 Jalandhar Global Hospital ( A Unit of Sood Hospital Pvt Ltd) 96
97 Jalandhar Super Scanning & Diagnostic Private Ltd 97
98 Jammu Sood Eye Centre 98
99 Jodhpur Medipulse Hospital (A Unit of Jodhpur Healthcare Pvt Ltd) 99
100 Kamrup, Guwahati GNRS Institute of Medical Science ( A Unit of GNRC Ltd) 100
101 Kangra Himachal Health Care Private Limited 101
102 Kannur Amala Multispeciality Hospital 102
103 Kanpur Mehrotra Diagnostics & ENT Hospital LLP 103
104 Kapurthala Amanpreet Hospital 104
105 Karnal Saraswati Nethralaya 105
106 Karur Apollo Loga Hospital 106
107 Kashipur Jeevan Rekha Hospital (A Unit of Jeevan Rekha Medical care Services Pvt Ltd) 107
108 Kattakada Mammal Multispeciality Hospital 108
109 Kestopur, Kolkata Suraksha Diagnostic Pvtn Ltd 109
110 Khanna Rani Eye Hospital 110
111 Kharar Kaushal Hospital 111
112 Kolar Shankar Eye Hospital 112
113 Kolkata Ruby General Hospital Ltd 113
114 Kolkata Mission of Mercy Hospital and Research Centre 114
115 Kollam Lotus Heart Hospital 115
116 Kottayam Caritas Hospital 116
117 Krishnagiri TCR Multispecialty Hospital 117
118 Kurnool Suseela Netralaya and Maternity Hospital 118
119 Lakshmipuram Partha Dental (A Unit of Partha Dental Care India Pvt Ltd) 119
120 Lucknow Chandra Mother & Eye Care Pvt Ltd 120
121 Ludhiana NK Aggarwal Joints and Spine Centre 121
122 Ludhiana Panchan Hospital 122
123 Madurai Vadamalayan Hospital 123
124 Madurai Guru Hospital 124
125 Mahendergarh Krishna Eye Hospital 125
126 Malappuram MES Medical Collage & Hospital 126
127 Malviya Nagar, Delhi Foresight Eye Clinic 127
128 Mandi Aastha Multispeciality Hospital 128
129 Meerut MIMHANS, Neuroscinces Hospital 129
130 Meerut Bhagya Shree Hospital ( A Unit of Anjul Medicare Pvt Ltd) 130
131 Meerut Santosh Hospital ( Run by- Santosh Nirogham Pvt Ltd) 131
132 Meerut Kanag ENT Superspeciality Hospital 132
133 Meerut Lokpriya Hospital 133
134 Meerut Apusnova Hospital Pvt Ltd 134
135 Meerut SDS Global Hospital 135
136 Mohali Indus Hygiea Eye Hospital 136
137 Moradabad Teerthanker mahaveer Hospital and Research Centre 137
138 Mumbai Mahatma Gandhi Mission’s Dental Collage and Hospital 138
139 Mylapore Kauvery HCG Cancer Centre 139
140 Mysore Vikram Hospital Private Limited 140
141 Nagpur Jasleen Eye Hospital 141
142 Najafgarh, New Delhi Orthoplus Hospital 142
143 Nashik Shree Sai baba Heart Institute & Research Centre 143
144 New Delhi Metro Hospital and Heart Institute (A Unit of Metro Institute of Medical Sciences Pvt Ltd) 144
145 New Delhi Mahajan Imaging Centre 145
146 New Delhi Max Super Speciality Hospital (A Unit of Devki Devi Foundation) 146
147 New Delhi Primus Super Speciality Hospital 147
148 New Delhi Focus Imaging & Research Centre Pvt Ltd 148
149 New Delhi Shroff Eye Centre 149
150 New Delhi Lions Kidney Hospital and Urology Research Institute 150
151 New Delhi Dr Nanda Diagnostics Centre 151
152 New Delhi MM Eye Tech Institute 152
153 New Delhi Kosmos Super Speciality Hospital 153
154 New Delhi Kailash eye Care (Unit of Kailash Nursing Home) 154
155 Noida Kailash Hospital & Heart Institute 155
156 Noida Fortis Hospital 156
157 Noida Neo Hospital (A Unit of Muskan Centre Pvt Ltd) 157
158 Noida Felix Hospital 158
159 Noida Jaypee Hospital 159
160 Nurpur JVR eye Hospital 160
161 Ongole Nalluri Nursing Home 161
162 Palakkad Athani Hospital (A Unit of Athani Charitable Trust) 162
163 Panchkula Goyal Dental Clinic 163
164 Panipet LHDM and Dr.Prem Hospital Pvt Ltd 164
165 Patiala Amar Hospital 165
166 Patiala Guru Nanak Mehar Hans Eye Hospital and Laser Centre 166
167 Patiala Aggarwal Healthcare and Eye Hospital 167
168 Patiala Ashirwad Dental Clinic 168
169 Patna Divyadrishti Eye Centre Pvt Ltd 169
170 Patna Paras HMRI Hospital 170
171 Patna Anup Institute & Orthopaedic & Rehabilitation 171
172 Perinatalmanna Moulana Hospital 172
173 Pondicherry Sri Manakula Vinayagar Medical Collage & Hospital 173
174 Pune Dr Lal Path Labs Pvt Ltd 174
175 Raipur Suyash Hospital 175
176 Rajpura Neelam Hospital 176
177 Ranchi Curie Adbur Razzaque Ansari Cancer Institute 177
178 Ranchi Orchid medical Centre Pvt Ltd 178
179 Ranchi Rinchi Trust Hospital 179
180 Rewari Shanti Devi Yadav Hospital 180
181 Rohini, Delhi Saroj Super Speciality Hospital 181
182 Rohini, New Delhi New Delhi Centre for Sight Ltd 182
183 Rohini, New Delhi Mangalam Medical & Surgical Centre 183
184 Rogini, New Delhi Rana Eye Hospital 184
185 Rohtak Oxygen Hospital 185
186 Ropar Max City Hospital 186
187 Sahibabad Shreya Hospital 187
188 Salem Nathan Super Speciality Hospital 188
189 Sangli Shanthi Saroj Eye Hospital 189
190 Sangrur Mittal Eye Care 190
191 Satara Satara Hospital and Research Centre 191
192 Satara Barge Netra Rughnalaya 192
193 Satara Satara Diagnostic Centre and Multispeciality Hospital Pvt Ltd 193
194 Satara Wagholikar Eye Clinic 194
195 Secunderabad Srikara Hospitals (A Unit of Venkateswara Ortho Healthcare Pvt Ltd) 195
196 Secunderabad Rishab Eye centre 196
197 Secunderabad Sunshine Hospitals (A Unit of Sarvejana Healthcare Pvt Ltd) 197
198 Sikar Usha Smile Care 198
199 Sirhind Dhillion Eye Hospital and Laser Centre 199
200 Sohana Sri Guru Harkrishan Sahib (c ) Eye Hospital Trust 200
201 Sonepet Tulip Multispeciality Hospital Pvt Ltd 201
202 Sonepet Nideen Hospital (A Unit of Naraingh Hospital & Heart Institute Pvt Ltd ) 202
203 Srikakulam KIMS Sai Seshhadri Hospital 203
204 Tarn Tarn Gurunanak Dev Super Speciality Hospital 204
205 Theni NRT Hospital 205
206 Thirumala SK Hospital 206
207 Thirumala Sree Gokulam Medical Collage & Research Foundation 207
208 Thiruvananthapuram Saraswathy Hospital 208
209 Tirupati Partha Dental (A Unit of Partha Dental Care India Pvt Ltd ) 209
210 Udaipur Geetanjali Medical Collage and Hospital 210
211 Varanasi The Dental Evolution (Run by Aashirwad Associates) 211
212 Varanasi Shiv Surgical Nursing Home Pvt Ltd 212
213 Vijayawada Aayush NRI LEPL Health Care Pvt Ltd 213
214 Visakhapatnam Care Hospital 214
215 Visakhapatnam Vijaya Diagnostic private Limited 215
216 Visakhapatnam IRIS International Dental Care 216
217 Visakhapatnam Mahatma Gandhi Cancer Hospital Research Institute (A Unit of Vizag Hospital & Cancer Research Centre Pvt Ltd) 217

All the terms and conditions including fixation of rates payable to empanelled hospitals will be regulated under Govt of India, Ministry of Defence letter No22B(04)/2010/US(WE)/D(Res) dated 18 Feb 2011 as amended from time to time.

The rates for ECHS Hospital/Nursing Home, Dental Centres and Diagnostic Centres as approved by the Empowered Committee will be as per CGHS rates and will be notified by the Director, Regional Centre ECHs to all concerned including polyclinics, SEMOs,CDA/PCDA and Central Organisation ECHS.

Empanelment of CGHs empanelled hospitals is subject to the hospital providing proof of its being a CGHS empanelled facility as on the date of signing MoA with ECHS.

5.CGHS empanelled medical facilities will be empanelled witn ECHS for the period for which the facilities hold valid MoA with CGHS. The MoA will be extendable once CGHS renew the MoA with the medical facilities.

NABH accredited medical facilities will be empanelled with ECHS for the period of validity if NABH certificate and the MoA will be renewed once the medical facility is issued revalidation/renewed NABH certificate.

7.The issues with the concurrence of Ministry of Defence (Finance) vide their U.O.No.34(05)/2010/FP Vol.II dated 8.11.2016.

Under Secretary to the Govt of India

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