Morcha to Parliament – A Grand Success – More than 30000 Participated

Morcha to Parliament – A Grand Success – More than 30000 Participated




Dear Comrades,


In a befitting reply to the efforts being made by the Government to expedite the banking reform measures, and in continuation of the militant strike action on 22nd August, 2017, more than 30,000 bankmen and women assembled in Delhi and took part in the massive Morcha to Parliament on 15th September, 2017.

From our national conference of AIBEA and AIBOA, we had given the clarion call to further unite and to intensify our struggle against the increasing attacks and challenges and to save the banks from being destroyed by the loan defaulters and aided by the Government’s inaction to ensure recovery of the huge bad loans.

In tune with this call, we took the initiatives which resulted the UFBU’s call for strike on 28th February, 2017 which was a grand success.

But it was observed that the Government was going ahead with their attempts to push through their reforms agenda. Associate Banks were closed down and forcibly merged with SBI. Even for giving capital to the Banks, Government was making all types of conditions. They were talking of further mergers. On the other hand, attempts were being made to let off the defaulters in the name of IBC. The signal was clear that Government wanted to expedite their efforts.

Hence AIBEA, along with AIBOA, decided to go for mass mobilisation and organise a Morcha to Parliament. This time also, other Unions came forward to join the programme and UFBU was ready to go for further strike action also. Thus, we witnessed a magnificent strike on 22nd August, 2017. Close on the heels of this united action, preparations started for the Morcha to Parliament on 15th September, 2017.

We are happy that this Morcha has turned out to be a huge success. It was massive indeed. All our unions ensured large participation. Our rank and file membership participated in the Morcha with full enthusiasm. Ram Leela maidan was a sight to see on 15th morning. It was an ocean of bank employees and officers holding the banner of AIBEA, AIBOA and UFBU.
The courage and determination to fight back the attacks were visible. The spirited slogans raised during the entire procession was proof of their commitment to resist the challenges. The Morcha was simply superb, marvelous, splendid and wonderful.

The Public Rally in the Parliament Street was equally impressive. For the first time, leaders of all the Central Trade Unions (INTUC, AITUC, HMS, CITU, AIUTUC ,TUCC , SEWA, AICCTU, UTUC, LPF) came to our Rally and extended their support. Prominent political leaders and Members of Parliament spoke in our Rally and expressed their support and solidarity.

At our initiative, a meeting was arranged with the Finance Minister with the help of Com D. Raja, Member of Parliament from Communist Party of India. UFBU leaders met the Finance Minister after the Morcha and submitted a detailed Memorandum on our demands, thus drawing the personal attention of the Government. We hope that Government would understand the demands and change their line. Otherwise our struggle would be carried forward.

All of us are aware that this Morcha and massive mobilisation is a part of our long-drawn and prolonged struggle in defence of public sector banking, against attempts of privatisation and consolidation and to force the Government to take stringent measures to recover the bad loans from corporate defaulters. Our struggle is to save banks, to save the economy, to save the people and to save the nation.

We greet and congratulate all our unions and members all over the country for their rousing response to the call.

With greetings

Yours comradely,


AIBEA : Medical Insurance Scheme for Bank Employees and Officers who have retired after 1-10-2015

Medical Insurance Scheme for Bank Employees and Officers who have retired after 1-10-2015

Continuation of Medical Expenses Reimbursement Insurance Scheme for employees/officers who have retired after 1-10-2015.


8th August, 2016

Dear Comrades,

Reg: Continuation of Medical Expenses Reimbursement Insurance Scheme for employees/officers who have retired after 1-10-2015.

In terms of the 10th Bipartite Settlement and Joint Note on Officers Wage Revision, Banks have introduced the Medical Expenses Reimbursement Insurance Scheme and all employees and officers have been covered by the Scheme from 1-10-2015. Since the Policy commenced from 1st October, 2015, it will end on 30th September, 2016. Our Settlement / Scheme provides that employees/officers who retired during this period will continue to be covered by the policy upto 30-9-2016 and can continue in the Scheme thereafter on payment of the requisite premium.

However, the Insurance Policy for the retirees commenced from 1-11-0215 and comes to an end on 31-10-2015. In order to ensure coverage of the Policy for this interim period of one month ( 1-10-2016 to 31-10-2016), we took up the matter with IBA.

It is informed that United India Insurance Company has clarified to all the Banks that such retirees can continue in the Scheme by remitting one month pro-rata premium amount to cover upto 31-10-2016 and thereafter pay annual premium for future.

Alternatively instead of remitting one month pro-rata premium now and 12 months premium again thereafter, the retirees can also remit 13 months premium now and be covered upto 31-10-2017.

Units are requested to follow up the matter with their respective managements and ensure that retirees are covered by the policy as above.

With greetings,

Yours comradely,



Clarification from United Insurance Co. to all Banks dt. 18-7-2016


Dear Sir/Madam,
With regard to the inclusion of the employees who have retired during the current policy upto Sep 30th, you may collect 1 month pro-rata premium for including them in the current retire policy which is expiring on OCT 30th. Thereafter, again 12 months premium is to be collected for including them in the policy starting from NOV 1st.

Alternatively instead of collecting premium 2 times, you may collect premium for 13 months.

Please keep ready the list of employees who have retired during the currency of the present employee policy.

The amount of premium to be collected shall be communicatedto you in due course.

State-level Rallies on 11th May & Strike on 25th May postponed – AIBEA

State-level Rallies on 11th May & Strike on 25th May postponed – AIBEA

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CIRCULAR LETTER No. 27/194/2016/27



Dear Comrades,

Our current struggle programmes

State-level Rallies on 11th May & Strike on 25th May postponed

UFBU meeting on 11th May to chalk out common programme

Given the increasing attacks in banking sector and the Government’s hurry to implement their banking reforms agenda, the call was given by AIBEA for various struggle programmes including State-level Rallies on 11th May, 2016 and All India Strike on 25th May, 2016.

In the recent meeting of the UFBU, it was suggested by AIBEA to all the Unions that the struggle programmes are to be undertaken by all the unions as the attacks are common. We also suggested that the date of the strike may be rescheduled and common agitational programmes can be chalked out by UFBU which would be more effective. The meeting was receptive to this suggestion and after discussion, it was felt that the issue may be further discussed and decided in the next meeting of the UFBU being held on 11th May, 2016.

Hence the matter was placed before AIBEA’s General Council meeting held at Delhi on 25th April, 2016 and the GC endorsed the recommendation of the office bearers to postpone/defer our agitational progrmames i.e. the State-level Rally on 11th May and All India strike on 25th May, 2016.

Accordingly all our units are advised to take due note of the same.

With greetings,

Yours Comradely,

AIBEA’s Dharna before Parliament on 26th April, 2016

AIBEA’s Dharna before Parliament on 26th April, 2016

Central Office: “PRABHAT NIVAS” Regn. No.2037
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CIRCULAR No.27/161/2016/19

1st May, 2016


Dear Comrades,

AIBEA’s Dharna before Parliament on 26th April, 2016

Delegation to Finance Minister to explain our campaign on banking sector and to submit the Mass petitions.

As a part of our national campaign on the increasing attacks on the banking sector, on the Government’s measures of banking reforms and on our demand to strengthen public sector banks to ensure a vibrant economy, we collected nearly one crore signatures in the mass petitions containing our demands. These petitions were to be handed over to the Government during our Parliament Morcha in March, 2016. Since the programme had to be deferred, we organised a National Dharna before Parliament on 26th April, 2016. The Dharna was participated by all Office
Bearers, Central Committee members and General Council Members of AIBEA.

The Dharna was inaugurated by our President Com Rajen Nagar by emphasising the need for more and more struggles and campaign to resist and repulse the banking sector reforms of the Government.

The Dharna was greeted by the following leaders:

Shri. Digvijaya Singh, MP and former Union Minister, Congress Party
Com. D. Raja, MP and National Secretary, CPI
Com. Chandrakant Khaire, MP, Shiv Sena
Com. Amarjeet Kaur, Secretary, AITUC
Com. A K Padmanabhan, President, CITU
Com. C N Jayadevan, MP, CPI
Com. S Nagarajan, General Secretary, AIBOA

All of them congratulated AIBEA for the campaign and struggle and extended their support to our cause. They also emphasised the need for further efforts and struggles to save public sector banks.

Delegation to Finance Minister: AIBEA Delegation consisting of Com. Rajen Nagar, President, Com C H Venkatachalam, General Secretary, Com B S Rambabu, Secretary, and Com J P Sharma, Com V R Utagi, Com M.M Rai, Vice Presidents and Com S Nagarajan, General Secretary, AIBOA met the Finance Minister Shri Arun Jaitley in his office in the Parliament House. Com. D Raja, MP and Secretary of Communist Party of India who arranged the meeting was also with us during the meeting.

a) Banking reforms: We submitted our Memorandum to him and expressed our concern about the policies being pursued by the Government. Finance Minister gave a patient hearing and assured
that Government is equally committed to strengthen the public sector banks and their concern is to make our PSBs more efficient.

b) IDBI Bank: We raised the pointed issue of proposed privatiisation of IDBI Bank to which the FM explained that Government has no plans to hand over the Bank to any major private corporate sector and their only agenda is to make IDBI Bank more efficient. We gave our perception of the issue and requested him to re-examine their decision to reduce the Government equity in IDBI Bank to less than 50%.

We also urged upon him to intervene to reverse the vindictive actions of the IDBI Bank management.

c) Associate Banks: We also brought to his attention to the problems continuing in the Associate Banks and the need to make these Banks independent of SBI. Finance Minister expressed his opinion that they may consider to club all the Associate Banks into one Bank to make a strong banking entity.

Discussion with Minister of State for Finance: During our delegation to the Finance Minister, we met the Minister of State for Finance Shri Jayant Sinha who suggested meeting in the evening to discuss the issues further. Accordingly, we met him in his office in the North Block in the evening.

AIBEA was represented by Com C.H. Venkatachalam, General Secretary along with other office bearers Com. N Venugopal, Com. D D Rustagi Com. Lalita Joshi, Com. Nandakumar Chavan, Com. Janak Rawal, Com. S.K Gautam, Com. P.P Varghese and Com. K.S Krishna (General Secretary, SSBEA).

Issues taken up: The Minister discussed with us for nearly 45 minutes patiently listening to our viewpoints and explaining the Government’s points of view on the issues raised by us.

The issues discussed with him included strengthening public sector banks, adequate capitalisation of Banks, consolidation of banks, stringent measures to recover bad loans, declaration of names of defaulters, criminal action against wilful defaulters, de-linking Associate Banks from SBI, demands of employees in Associate Banks, proposed privatisation of IDBI Bank, need to rescind the vindictive actions on strikers in IDBI Bank, etc.

The meeting was helpful in directly conveying our viewpoints on all these matters to the Government directly. The Minister suggested one more round of detailed meeting again with AIBEA on these issues.

In the Memorandum submitted to the FM and MoS, the following issues were raised:

1. Banking should be made a fundamental right
2. Provide adequate capital to the PSBs.
3. Public Sector banks should not be privatized
4. FDI/FII is PSBs should be discouraged.
5. Public sector banks should not be privatised.
6. IDBI Bank to remain in public sector
7. All private banks are to be brought into public sector
8. Licenses of Payment Banks and Small Banks should not be given to private sector
9. Priority sector loans should be further improved.
10. More and more branches should be opened in rural and unbanked villages.
11. More loans should be given to agriculture and at lesser rate of interest.
12. Associate Banks should be made independent banks
13. Regional Rural Banks should be 100% under public sector.
14. Co-op. Banks should be strengthened and revitalized. Profits of Co-op. banks should be exempt from income tax
15. Rate of interest on Savings Deposits should be increased and exempt from income tax.
16. Stringent measures are to be taken to recover the huge bad loans in Banks.
17. Recovery laws should be made further stringent and more and more DRTs are to be set up
18. Names of the defaulters should be published
19. Wilful default should be defined as criminal offence
20. Thorough probe into the sanction of loans in Kingfisher Airlines and punishing the guilty.

With greetings,

Yours comradely,