More than 80 thousand Ordnance employees to go on 30 Days Strike from 20.8.2019 to 19.9.2019

Ordnance Factory Employees to go on One Month Strike from 20.08.2019 TO 19.09.2019

1st Floor, North Avenue PO Building, New Delhi – 110001

No.Confdn/Genl/2016 -19

dated 18th August 2019

FROM 20.08.2019 TO 19.09.2019.

Dear Comrades ,

As already communicated in Confederation’s circular dated 01.08.2019 (published in website and also sent by post to all Affiliated Organizations , COCs and National Secretariat Members), the National Secretariat of Confederation of Central Govt Employees and Workers has decided to extend full support and solidarity to the one month long All India Strike of all Defence Employees Federations/Unions/Associations from 20.08.2019 to 19.09.2019.

In addition we have published in website in August 2019 itself, three important documents relating to Defence Employees strike including propaganda materials published by All India Defence Employees Federation (AIDEF). Unfortunately, it has come to our notice that whatsApp messages are circulated from certain quarters, as if nothing related to Defence Employees Strike is there in the Confederation website.

As already mentioned in Confederation circular dated 01.08.2019 and also in the three important documents published in website, the main demand of the strike is “withdraw the decision of the NDA Government to corporatize/privatize Ordnance Factories” The decision of the Govt to corporatize/privatize Ordnance Factories will adversely affect the job security of about 40000 defence employees working in these factories, as happened in BSNL after Telecom Corporatization.

Further it is against the interest of our Nation also. Govt has also made it clear that in the 100 days action programme of Communication Ministry, in addition to already formed Postal Savings Bank Company (India Post Payments Bank) another company called Postal Life Insurance (including Rural PLI ) will be formed in Postal Sector as recommended by Task Force Committee Report. Closure orders of 12 Govt of India Printing Presses issued by the previous NDA Govt is not yet withdrawn.

In Railways also privatization of Coach/ Engine production centres , closure of all Railway Printing Presses, running of two private (Rajadhani type) Passenger trains are included in the 100 days action programme.

In the coming days more and more privatization and outsourcing/closure of Central Govt functions and Departments are going to take place as a part of “BIG BANG” reforms declared by Modi-2 Government.

The Defence Employees Federations have taken a bold and historic decision to heroically fight back the Corporitization / privatization policy of the Central Government.

Confederation National Secretariat once again calls upon all its Affiliates and State/District COCs to organize mass demonstrations in front of all Defence Establishments and at all important centres from 20.08.2019 onwards, extending full support and solidarity to the striking Defence Employees. It is also requested to extend all help to make the strike a thundering success by forming Strike Aid Committees, organizing public meetings, protest rallies etc., jointly with Central Trade Unions and other like – minded organizations .

Fraternally yours

Secretary General
Mob : 09447068125

Source: Confederation

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