Expected DA July 2017 for CG Employees and Pensioners

Expected DA July 2017 for CG Employees and Pensioners

Dearness Allowance is not an attractive word among CG Employees and Pensioners nowadays, because, the hike of DA and DR is around 1 or 2 Percent only. Particularly after 7th Pay Commission, the All India Consumer Price Index is on down trend. So, employees could not expect more like 6th Pay Commission regime. Before 2016, all CG Employees and Pensioners got higher of 10% of their basic pay or basic pension as DA or DR.

At present, we have 5 months AICPIN data from Jan to May 2017 and need one more month of June 2017 to calculate the exact percentage of DA and DR with effect from July 2017.

However, there will be no chance to increase the percentage of DA and DR from One Percent. So, the total DA and DR will become only 5% from July to Dec 2017.

The below table will describe a lot…

1 = Month/Year
3 = Total of 12 Months
4 = 12 Monthly Average
5 = DA % with Decimal
6 = DA %

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2 thoughts on “Expected DA July 2017 for CG Employees and Pensioners”

  1. What to speak of 1/2% enhancement of DA/DR after 7th CPC, KV pensioners are still waiting to get enhanced DR even at old rate,due from 1/7/2016!!

  2. What about the rewised pension all eyes are on this matter the DA doesn’t not important let first the hike in pay & pension all are waiting for, no one answered that what will be the rewised pension & pay can any body help on this, Thanks if you can solve this qustion please, once again thanks with Regards 9769679275


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