7th Pay Commission Basic Pension Calculation Method with Simple Steps

Easy steps to Calculate your Basic Pension in 7th Pay Commission

We here illustrate the method through easy 5 Steps to calculate your Basic Pension in 7th CPC Recommendation

Easy steps to Calculate your Basic Pension in 7th Pay Commission

There are Two options have been given to Pensioners

First They have to calculate the Two options and whichever is benefit for them They can select higher amount as their Pension

Option No.1 . The existing Pension may be Multiplied by 2.57

Option No.2 . The Pay Scale on their retirement and Number of increments they earned to be taken for calculation

In that Case they should know their Pay Scale and Basic Pay drawn on the date of their Retirement and number increments they earned

By referring the Corresponding Pay scale in successive Pay Commission, they should identify their Sixth pay commission Pay band. If they Know their corresponding Pay Band in sixth Pay commission then it will be easy for them to arrive their Basic Pension to be fixed in VII pay commission.

After calculating the Basic Pension from the above two options, they can choose whichever is beneficial for them

Calculation for arriving your 7th CPC Basic Pension is described below through 5 Easy Steps

Assume You retired at last pay drawn of ₹4,000 on 31 January, 1989 under the IV CPC regime, having drawn 9 increments in the pay scale of ₹3000-100-3500-125-4500:

Your Basic Pension as revised in VI CPC = 12,543

Calculation Option -I


Multiply your Your Basic Pension with 2.57

Basic Pension (VI CPC) x 2.57

= 12543 x 2.57 = 32235.70 ( Paisa to be rounded off rupee)

Your basic Pension As per VII CPC = Rs.32236

Calculation Option-II


– Identify your corresponding Pay Level in Pay Matrix
– For that you should know your Pay Band in VI pay commission

[The Pay scale details will be informed you by Concerned Pension Paying Authorities when ever your basic Pension was revised as per the successive Pay commission Recommendation ]

for example for this pay scale of ₹3000-100-3500-125-4500, the corresponding Pay Scale and pay band for Fifth and Sixth CPC respectively is given below

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